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           Razi Laser & Cosmetic Center

    offers you the best services and results.

Razi Laser and Cosmetic center has been set up in Toronto in 2014 by Tayebeh Movahedi, with Iranian certification in dermatology field. This center will offer to people the skin care and beauty jobs with advanced laser machine Elite+ cynosure  from USA with Alexandrite (755nm) and Nd:YAG (1064nm) lasers which are effective   for Hair removal , Vein treatment and Rejuvenation and treatment of Pigmented lesions, Nano Fractional RF Machine, Venus Viva, with smart scan technology for Acne' Scar treatment,
Stretch mark removal and Rejuvenation and many other types of equipment with high quality and effectiveness on skin problems from USA, Germany, and Canada.

Tayebeh Movahedi has graduated from Tehran University with board certification in dermatology in 1985. She started her training in this field at Razi Hospital in Tehran exactly after finishing her M.D. from Kerman university and has worked in this field for treatment thousands of patients with skin problems, Laser and Beauty jobs in Iran and Oman for 20 years.

She is expert on  cosmetic dermatology such as Hair Removal Laser, Treatment of leg veins and Facial telangiectasia by Laser, many types of Antiaging treatments including Laser Rejuvenation, Injection of Botox and many kinds of Fillers, Chemical Peeling, Mesotherapy and Microneedling, PRP and RF.

She is a member of Iranian society of Dermatology and Oman society of Dermatology.

Now she lives in Toronto and has certificates of medical laser treatment and cosmetic procedures from Canada and has started her job in Toronto.
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